What To Do in an Emergency

Firstly check that the situation is in fact an Emergency. An Emergency is a situation which is likely to cause loss of life, injuries or other medical problems. Examples include Hypothermia, Drowning, Physical Injuries, Dehydration, Boats caught in stormy conditions etc. For minor problems or problems involving property ring an Executive Committee Member (contact details on pin board) or the Water Police (number on Club Telephone) for advice.

If On Water

  • Try to solve the problem yourself first. This is because rescue may not be immediately available.
  • Call for assistance by shouting or calling.
  • Wave for assistance by waving both arms slowly from a horizontal to a vertical position at 5 second intervals. If you are in the water raise 1 arm vertical for 3 seconds every 5 seconds.

If On Land

  • Telephone for assistance. If on water rescue is required ring the Water Police. If the Water Police are not answering or unavailable ring another Sailing Club and ask them to radio the Water Police on 27.88 mHz or conduct the rescue themselves. If the situation is urgent and nobody is available ring the Police on 11444 or 000 and they will contact an off duty Waterpolice Officer to come and assist ASAP.


  • There is a telephone on the Kitchen Wall of the Clubroom.
  • There are Blue Emergency Telephones located on Springbank Island, the North Eastern shore of Yarralumla Bay and at other locations around the lake.

Telephone Numbers

  • Telephone numbers for the Water Police and other Sailing Clubs are listed on the clubhouse Telephone and in the First Aid Cabinet.

First Aid

  • The First Aid Cabinet is located on the wall in the corner of the Clubroom. If you use any of the items contact the Club House Officer or an Executive Member of the Committee.

After the Emergency

  • Contact an Executive Committee Member ASAP to inform of the incident.