Our Fleet

2019 Fleet

The following values may be outdated as we continually, acquire, decomission, upgrade our boats.

Use of our fleet including kayaks and stand-up paddle boards is conditional on the fact that you wear a buoyancy aid. This is non negotiable.

General Use


  • 2 Racing Lasers
  • 2 Sharpies
  • Mistral One Design windsurfer

General use boats are available for all members to use as long as they can safely rig and handle the boat.

Members who have not used a particular type of boat before must contact a committee member to learn how to properly rig and sail that boat before using it by themselves.

It is strongly recommended that beginners sail Lasers until they have sufficient experience to sail the larger boats.



The club has recently updated our kayak fleet. We have purchased 3 new kayaks which are blue and stored next to our lasers on the side of the shed with the bathrooms. They are great to fill time whilst waiting for wind to fill in before sailing or if you just want to get out and do something different. 
These club kayaks are here for all club members, so do feel free to use them, just make sure you sign them out in the club logbook like any other craft.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

The club has recently purchased 2 SUPs, one is blue and one is orange and they are stored above the kayaks. Just like the kayaks, they are for the use of all club members and are still required to be signed out in the logbook.