Small Craft Storage

At present (2017) please note all storage spaces are occupied, so we are currently not accepting new applications for shed space rental.



Small Craft (Kayak/Windsurf) Space Rentals

Non-student small craft storage - $350 – Including ANUSC Membership ($75),  ANU Sport Membership
($120) and Storage Fee ($170). Pay ANU Sport membership first and use EFT to transfer the remaining $230
to the ANUSC bank account. ANU Sport membership is required.

Student small craft storage - $210 – Including ANUSC Membership ($50), and Storage Fee ($170).
Use EFT to transfer the storage and membership fees to the ANUSC.

Note: Kayak or Windsurfer ($170 per craft);  Boat ($220 per craft)


PDFSmall Craft Storage Form (pdf)

Payment Instructions:

1. Non-students must first acquire ANU Sport membership prior to joining the sailing club or
completing the above storage agreement. 2016 Charge is $120.
2. Complete the membership form and storage agreement and deliver to the Clubhouse officer by
placing the forms into the ANUSC pigeon hole in ANU SRA office OR to the “Kayak
Contracts” box in the clubhouse OR in person to club secretary or treasurer.
3. Pay the required amount to the club's bank account. Place your name in the reference field of
the transaction. Money, deposited without an identifier will be refunded and membership
will be considered invalid.

4. Email treasurer to confirm you have completed this process

EFT Details:
BSB - 062 903
Acc # - 10044760
Name: ANU Sailing Club