Club Rules

  • ANUSC members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their guests. The ANUSC and the ANUSC Committee takes no responsibility for injuries to or property loss of ANUSC members and their guests howsoever caused while on ANUSC premises or using ANUSC vessels.
  • Everyone using club vessels must wear a Personal Flotation Device class 2 or 1 (lifejacket) in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
  • ALL sailors must sign in and out of the computer log. (Don't close the shed if there's still someone out sailing!)
  • Club members can take non-members sailing but there must be at least 1 club member on each vessel.
  • Club members can only use vessels that they can safely rig and sail. If you have not been shown how to use a vessel contact the Captain of Boats or Training Officer. Racing boats can only be used with the permission of the Captain of Boats or an executive committee member.
  • Any damage or loss of club equipment must be reported to the Captain of Boats and a notice left on the equipment to warn other members. This is so that it can be repaired or an insurance claim lodged.
  • Boats must be derigged and packed away after use, the lights must be switched off and the clubhouse locked.