How do I sign up?

In order to join the ANUSC, you either have to be an ANU student, or a member of ANU Sport. Our membership process has changed and is now completely online on the ANU Sport Website:

On the ANU Sport website when becoming a member you will be prompted to sign in. You can use a pre-existing login, or if you do not have an account you can create a new one. 

Please take note of which membership option is applicable to you:

1. ANU student: All current enrolled individuals at the ANU

2. Non-ANU student: ANU alumni, a graduate of a higher education institution, ANU staff and coaches, and staff of other oganisations where their placement is at the ANU.

3. Other-Associate: People who do not fit the previous two classifications.


How much does it cost?

  • ANU students 12 months: $50
  • Non-ANU Students and Other-Associate 12 months: $195

Please see the Sailing Club page on the ANU Sport website (link above) for pricing of beginners courses and 6 month memberships.

Membership period spans 1st April through to 31st March the following year, inclusive.  For new members joining between 1st February and 1st April, membership runs until 31st March the following year.  Please note the ANUSC does not pro rata annual membership.


Why should I join?

As a member of the ANUSC, you can use our equipment free of charge, take part in the club's social events and partake in races around the region.  Members who are capable sailors (and pass an assessment of their skills) or have completed one of the training courses are free to use the clubs boats.  Members are entitled to full rights and privileges of club membership, including the right to vote and hold office. 

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